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Pool Table Brush

A pool table is a great investment that can give you years of fun and enjoyment. The best way to ensure a long-lasting table is to give it the proper care and cleaning it needs. One of the best ways to keep your billiards table in great shape is with a pool table brush. Ozone Billiards offers many different kinds of pool table brushes and felt cleaners that keep the playing surface spotless and performing like new. When you play billiards regularly on your table, the felt can easily accumulate chalk residue, dust, and other debris. This collection of residue can have negative impacts on both the table and your performance while playing. With the right pool table brush, you can avoid this unpleasant situation.

We offer several different pool table brushes to meet your needs, as well as cleaners formulated specifically for the felt surface. With trusted brands to choose from and a variety of brush types, we are confident you will find the option that fits your needs. From table rail to felt brushes, find everything you need with our inventory of affordable options. Choose from various finishes and style elements to match your décor or preference such as antique brown, honey oak, and more. Brush bristles are available in various materials such as horse hair and nylon. Choose from different sized brushes to find the right option. All of the brushes we offer are easy to handle with comfortable grips designed to make cleaning easy on your hand and your felt surface. Designed to clean away debris without raising the surface of the felt, you get a thorough clean without any worry of damage. Add one of these reliable cleaning solutions to your billiards supplies today!

At Ozone Billiards, we are honored to be your source for high-quality billiards needs covering all areas of the game. With a large selection of trusted brands and affordable prices, find everything you need in one convenient place. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have while shopping with us.

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