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Pool Tables From Ozone Billiards

Ozone Billiards has one of the widest selection of high-quality, expertly made pool tables for sale. We are the true experts when it comes to billiard tables because we are actually a billiard company that understands all of the games and accessories that go with your tables. Selecting a billiard table from us is a good investment. No other pool table company can match our service and quality of product!

All of our tables are made from high-quality woods. Ozone Pool Tables and Connelly Pool Tables never use particle board or other artificial materials of inadequate quality and strength. Skilled woodworkers and artisans carefully assemble the pool tables and stain them by hand with attention to detail unique in billiards table production. Utilizing state-of-the-art techniques and petroleum based stains to make the surfaces resistant to water rings, scuff marks, and other risks of wear and tear from the years of play. While our billiard tables are meant to be highly durable, they are also a beautiful addition to any space. They feature hand carved rails and legs for a stunning visual appeal.

Another one of the many benefits of choosing your pool table from Ozone Billiards is that we feature the helpful three-piece table design. The conversion table style allows you to easily transform the pool table into a dining room table which makes the beauty of the design even more appreciated. With our pool tables, you also get an included set of cues and playing accessories to ensure you are always ready to play. Best of all, our tables come with a lifetime guarantee!

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